Northern Delaware Wrestling Academy

The Northern Delaware Wrestling Academy was formed to grow and develop the sport of wrestling in Delaware and the surrounding region. We believe the Academy is much more than just a place to learn about wrestling. We believe the Academy is an environment where youth learn to appreciate and embrace our motto – Duty, Honor, Team and what it means to apply it in their daily lives to become Champions in Life.

The Academy is place that enables character development to take precedent over wins and losses, it is a place that emphasizes the desire to achieve and excel. We do this by using the Be – Know – Do leadership model that encourages development in fitness, academics, personal relationships, community involvement and spiritual formation. For these reasons this is why the Academy is not just any typical wrestling club.

One core tenant of the Academy is that we use wrestling as a method for developing character, self-confidence, and the will to succeed in life. We believe that the skills and principles that young wrestlers gain in wrestling are valuable for their growth and development in academics, sports and tilling the ground to grow up prepared to become Champions in Life.

We invite you to explore the option of having your child participate in the Northern Delaware Wrestling Academy. The Academy operates at Appoquinimink High School Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-6:30 PM for beginners and 6:30-8:00 PM for advanced and is a wrestling program focusing on youth ages 7-17. The normal wrestling season is usually the first Tuesday in November through the end of February every year.

You may already have your child involved in other sports, but we encourage you to try wrestling. We promise it will complement what you’re already doing and will allow your child to get oriented to a very disciplined sport that will produce very positive results in every aspect of their lives. If your child has not been involved in sports, is operating on the margins, has issues with focusing, is needing to be a part of something positive, needs to develop their confidence and overall self-esteem then I would encourage you to explore what the Academy can provide you to support their overall development.

We encourage you to stop by and explore the possibilities of what this sport and Academy can provide to you. If you’re looking for a program that focuses on excelling on-and-off the mat then the Northern Delaware Wrestling Academy is for you. Your child has so much to gain.

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Developing Wrestlers into Champions in Life – Duty, Honor, Team

Northern Delaware Wrestling Academy

Northern Delaware Wrestling Academy